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A journey of a lost samurai. Encounter five samurai and challenge them to a duel. Unleash your katana strike and deflect incoming attacks. Fight for honor or die with shame.

You need to read and parry enemies attacks.

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Difficult, Pixel Art, samurai, Souls-like


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Such a cool game, I really love the blocking mechanic. It was quite challenging but I really do think to a degree the difficulty is up to par.  Do you have a discord or a server, I also use Godot and was wondering to see any other projects you come up with.

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I really like this game! It has beautiful graphics and the gameplay mechanics are really fun once you get the hang of them. I found some small bugs that don't really hurt the game but I felt like they were worth mentioning.

-When you press c to emote, you can no longer move afterwards for some reason.

-On boss 5, sometimes the boss glitches and is stuck in his block pose permanently with the only way to fix it to reset the level.

-Also on boss 5, sometimes it says I block his dash attack but I also take damage at the same time.

-For most of the bosses, you can still hit them once their health has gone to 0, however sometimes they still block you even though they are already dead.

If you could add a game mode where you have to fight waves of smaller enemies I think it would work really well with this game's mechanics. Other than that, great job with this game! Can't wait to see what other levels you have in store for the future!

Edit: I found another glitch where if you're fighting the third boss and you back him into a corner, he may try to flip backwards, which makes him glitch off of the screen. The only way to fix this is to reload the level.

Thanks for playing the game and I am glad you love it. This was a small project I finished during last semester break. I will definitely fix all the bug u mentioned above.

Actually the c button action is not listed in the instruction and it was something I implemented for fun. Congrats on  finding the hidden action:)

There was a time that there is a minions level. Let me dig out some gif and show you.

Still working on the next game design project but I am still in the designing process. Wish I will be able to deliver another game this year;P

Can't wait to see what you make next, stay strong and keep up the awesome work!

too difficult game

I really really love the idea of this game, its simple and has great visuals. but the game difficulty just doesnt do it for me, I do not know if im the only one but i could not beat any boss in the game despite trying over and over, and belive me i tried a lot. I would personaly love to see either a healing potion or bigger health bar. also one thing that was really frustrating is that every time i died (which was fairly quick considering it takes like three hits for a boss to kill you) the intro before the boss played again, so i would suggest having it there the first time and then just have the letters apear on the screen with not interupted gameplay. Sorry if this sounds like a rant i really love this game and the general concept, its just so simple and loveable. i will keep following this game for future updates, but i would really apreciate easy mode or something. sorry for my english, and thank you for bringing this game to life


I m glad you love the game and the art style. I did thought of adding an easy mode but it just doesn't feel right to do so. I wanted the game to present a harsh and unforgiving duel yet not unbeatable. There is a lot of request in the easy difficulty but it kind of ruin the joy and the core of the game. It was designed to challenge player and not something you can beat with button smashing. Reading attacks is important in the game. 
I would add a skip intro button later for better experience. 
The only tip I can give you is parry first, attack afterwards. Keep trying but also remembering the boss's pattern. You will eventually beat the boss, no question on that . Good luck! :D
 Note: Player have 5 HP and basically you can do no-hit on all bosses.

Im happy that you decided to reply to my comment although now i feel a bit akward because after putting more time in the game its becoming much more easier and i feel i overreacted in my previous comment. game offers intense and unforgiving but fun chalenge and i feel glad that i discovered this game because its so charming

That is what you call progress. You  are definitely getting better in the game cuz every fight and death built up your awareness to different moves and getting used to the rhythm. You could always try the paid version with new bosses and mechanics.
I m having a hard time too. The number of views per day is going down fast from few hundreds to below 100 views per day now. I have no idea how to promote the game successfully. 

I will definetly try the paid version, as for your promotion problem i hope it gets better because this game deffinetly deserves more attention

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Have you tried Facebook Marketing yet? It's roughly $15 for 1 week of advertising (maybe for two weeks, can't remember at the moment).

You can also try submitting your game to GoG for free but they will play it and judge it worthy or unworthy. For $100 you can upload to Steam and they give it back if you make $1,000 or more in sales. Having your game on either of those marketplaces is like it's own form of passive marketing.

Wow, really good ideas. I am not sure about facebook advertising cuz I guess people will tend to buy and play games on steam instead of itch.  Definitely some good tips tho, I may upload the game to steam if it is  more polished.
Thx for your advices!! :D all the best

I tried putting my game up on steam when I forest got into unity (3 years ago), it was like using 1990s DOS to upload it!. I gave up and just use Google play store and itch.io  now, if anyone knows how to put their game on steam then let me know I'll pay them to do it for me!

looks very nice, but i can't play the demo

You can either download the demo zip or play the web version. They r the same

also doesn't work

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Finally managed the beat the demo. Level 1 felt frustrating at first, but Level 2 showed me the benefits of parrying and pattern recognition. After that, Level 1 felt much easier... and I was thinking of trying the full game out.


Nice Work!! Happy to know that you kept trying and beat the demo.
I know it can be frustrating at first but once you get the rhythm, it clicks!
Note that Level 5 Boss is really challenging, love to hear how you feel about other bosses. 

It took a while, but I beat bosses 3, for and 5.

Boss 3 was tricky because his animations had to be countered with very accurate timing, so it was a bit of a struggle.

Boss 4 kept hitting me with an unblockable attack, and the tip about attacking instead of parrying didn't register until later, so I ending up blocking his dash attack, dashing, attacking twice, and then dashing away before he struck back. There was also a slight delay after his unblockable attack that allowed me to get some damage in.

Boss 5 honestly felt easier than Boss 4. All of his attack patterns had clean animations with clear windows for parrying and attacking (double sword slice, triple axe swing, overhead spin attack, quick dash), even the ranged attack (it was a deterrent for approaching at first, but even that can be parried for an opening). More importantly, his triple axe swing always used a special third hit, and it was very fun to attack during that last hit to gain another opening.

Overall, this was a very challenging and very fun game. I can certainly see the similarities to Hollow Knight.

I'd be interested in any projects you have in store after this one.

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Boss3: I assume you are talking about the close range attack. I guess the reason is the participation frames is not noticeable. Gonna redraw the animation later.

Boss4: Actually boss 4 is  easier than boss 5 becuz there was plenty of delay state for player to attack.  I was hoping the player can get the basic of the new parry mechanic and thus better prepared for boss 5.

Boss5: I put hours in drawing the animation for this boss. I was getting better in the pixel art animation after drawing other4 bosses. I was thinking the triple axe attack can present a rhythm based sword fighting feel. Glad you like the opening when player perfectly parried a combo attack.

I am thinking about adding more bosses to the game (free update for those who already purchased the game ) and further polish the game. The goal is releasing the game on steam.

Thx for your review on the bosses :D

I think I know what you mean about Boss 3, with the close range jab that seems to required slightly quicker timing for counters.

I was found of Boss 5's reaction whenever you parried his special attack. On a side node, I'd like to mention that his ranged attack where he holds his sword up and summons projectiles has a change to glitch out where the projectiles spawn infinitely and he disappears from the level, requiring a level reset.

I'd be happy to see more bosses along with a Steam release.

I took another look at Boss 4, and the reason why I struggled so much is two-fold.

First, Boss 4 has a three-to-four hit combo where the last hit is unblockable, requiring an attack parry rather than a regular parry. But the thing is, there is very little room to figure out how many swings he is going to use, while Boss 5 will always use two axe swings before an unblockable attack.

In addition, Boss 5 has visual feedback when you successfully parry his third axe swing, while the feedback for parrying Boss 4's attack is present but far more subtle.


Definitely going to fix the bug asap. A more telegraphing jab attack animation is needed too. You review really helps me polishing the game!!! 

Question for the people: what things does the download have that the web version does not?

oh, 3, 4, and 5.

YUPPPP total 5 bosses


wo this is very nice but vey hard to play, i cant even kill the first enemy... but vey cool!

HaHa Its not an easy game but its not impossible to beat the game. Its easy once you got the rhythm.
THX for playing! :D

ya, then i saw some video down comments i kind of figured it out, still hard but possible... animations are great! 

check out my games if you have time:https://claudiocimini.itch.io/


Quick gamemode idea: a pvp gamemode, for this gamemode specifically, the player has a pre-attack animation, so the other player has a chance to parry. Might be difficult to implement an online multiplayer system but a local multiplayer would be much easier :)

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How do I deal with lvl 1's instant attack (teleport)? I tried hitting, didn't work half the time, tried parrying, not possible.

Edit: ok so apparently the trick is to attack before the little circle closes, any later and your screwed.

Edit 2: After watching ezez_game's video, it seems it is possible, but you need to run a bit so you are ahead of where boss 1 lands.

Ohhh I think that is a bug I should fix it so you can parry it anywhere

Its now fixed and updated!!

I have brought honour upon my name, FOUR TIMES OVER!

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Just found out I watched your videos before!
How lovely, subscribed :D

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i love this pixelated look of Sekiro, and the game is so much fun, i'd love to see this develop more over time and grow into a even greater game, is there patreon?

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Hi there, glad you like the game :D
Sadly no I dont have patreon but you can always support the game through donation in the downloadable zip version or just rating the game 
Actually there is a new boss and new mechanic. I can send you the link through discord or sth
I m planning on making  5 different bosses before moving on to any new stuff.
Love to chat with you more about how this game will be developed.
Appreciate ur Support!!

sure i'd love to see the new mechanic, and i do have discord and uhhh... do i just message the discord here orrrr?

Deleted 1 year ago

k got it

*doesn't delete it*


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Sorry if this sounds dumb, but how do you unlock the boss wearing yellow clothing in the second last image?

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It is still in development, still working on the new mechanic but its almost finished.
I m also thinking  about not updating the game anymore until I complete the game and release it for few dollars. sry bro :D
I wonder if you would be interest in the game if it is like 2 or 3 dollars. (with more bosses , menu, new mechanic and all that stuff) 

thats fine, I would gladly pay for it!

Cool, I will make sure you will be noted once the game is completed! :D Thx for playing!
what do you expect from the game. (like how many bosses in the game or  anything else you have in mind )?
Also any comment to the game now?  especially the negative 

been loading for 5 min's for chromebook is there a another way??

download the zip file would be better.

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TAHNK YOU!!!! ezez game :D Great Gameplay!!

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I defeated all 3 bosses, but with number 3 I could take each soldier one at a time. Is that intended?

Help: always stay as close to the enemy as possible. Get in a rhythm, usually: parry, parry attack, parry, parry attack etc.

you can either fight each solider one by one or fighting them together. I wanted to create a fight where you r surrounded and need to parry left and right simultaneously.
THX for playing!! :D

It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

I can only see a black box on lvl 5

It works fine on my computer. Other users can play lvl5 too. Could you try again and take a screen cap? Lets see what happened

The black box moves as if it were the character.

I am not sure what happened. I asked my fds to try playing it but works fine on their computer. Do you still encounter the black box?


The jump kinda removes the challenge from the game, other than that it was a good game

The jump was not meant to be there. It was a mistake included in the recent update. THx for letting me know, it is now removed!

It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

Will do!

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Really fun game. I dont know if anyone has done this already but im trying to nohit all the bosses. The only one I could nohit was the third one, but ill keep trying.

Update 1: First boss down

I did no hit on all bosses. It is possible. Glad you like the game.  There will be post jam update, make sure you come back and try new bosses later.
THX for playing!! :D

It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

It's like my first time fighting Genichiro again... This is surprisingly really hard since boss 1 and boss 2 seem to not have lots of cooldown. Also I do feel the attack range is a bit short so counterattacking just narrowly misses lots of the time.

Really cool though!

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I am still working on the combat on how to mimic the feel from sekiro. Having long cooldown will result in slower pace and giving player lots of free hits. the attack range is only few pixels difference. The reason player misses lots of time is player will recoil/knockback a short distance when they successfully parry attacks. It gives a stronger feedback and also hav similar purpose like the recoil in Hollow Knight.( challenge player to move lots more, closing the gap and moving away)
Big thx for playing :D

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Ah I see, although the combat style from Hollow Knight imo is more dark souls like where you're not really in control of combat. You react to attacks and avoid them. Where Sekiro's is about being active in combat so being able to counterattack soon after to control the fight would seem important to me. So I'm not really sure what the best way to find a mix in between would be as they seem to be contradictory styles,  but I understand not wanting the slower pace and giving player free hits. However that might be okay if the enemy can be more active and "react" to the player instead of poising through hits like Dark Souls bosses. I guess you could make it so enemies have more "back-off" or distance changing moves so they can more actively avoid the player which would still force the player to close in themselves like you wanted, and avoid the Sekiro attack/deflect loop which comes from trying to replicate the Sekiro feel. Since most parry/deflect heavy games like Mount and Blade, Chivalry, and Mordhau kind of just lock combatants in a loop with the exception coming from kicks which break distance.

Great insights!! I did added more "back off" on new enemies but sometimes it seems that enemy is just standing there. I m thinking if there is a new way to keep the enemy having more movement away from player but still look a smart move but not just some ( clearly designed for player to attack). Another thing I m  struggling with is the direction of the enemy. Since there is no jump button in the game, player can not switch side against the boss like Hollow Knight (or the boss jump behind the player).  Still figuring a mechanic to switch side(I used a charge attack and teleporting in Level 1 2 bosses). Clearly, the main mechanic is still not complete.  Appreciated your ideas, helps me clear the thought.


It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

Haven't beaten him yet, but I like the work you did on this boss. This felt more like a proper sword fight by allowing the boss to deflect back. This one was much more Sekiro-like imo and also I think this is the only fight to encourage me to use the dash more (the mantis lord overhead hit has iffy deflection sometimes as if I'm slightly off I can't deflect it even though I believe if you're directly under the enemy and they go straight down it should always be a deflection... Unless it's like the Tengu's rolling hit, which should be deflected like a normal attack) Also I'm curious about certain moves, and projectile attack build ups being deflected on close range. I feel like that should also be possible but they will always hit when you're in front of them, although similar moves from Sekiro like Isshin's Dragon Flash can be deflected whilst standing in front of him. That could be intentional but that's just probably me expecting it to follow Sekiro's aggressive gameplay.

Glad you like the design of this boss. I might add the parry mechanic to other bosses too, it works great in the the gameplay. Its kind of like giving a break to the player but it also feels like a sword fight like you said. I literally designed the air attack to encourage player to dash away. I will fix the parrying to projectile on close range.
Wait for the next update. As always, appreciate your comment.
I m also thinking about turn this into a full mini game consists of few levels and sell it for a  few dollars. You think thats cool?

I beat the first boss only, but already like the concept. I think you may develop this prototype into a good full game.

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The first boss is the hardest, thx for playing the game. a v0.2 will be updated after the jam. just wait fir it :D


It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

Awesome game! I finally beat all 3 levels. It's extremely hard though lol.

Enemies have like no attack cooldown nor do they get stunned so pretty much the only time you can hit them is if you successfully parry. But even if you parry, you have to immediately attack (like the 2nd level, if you're just a bit late after parrying, the guy hits you just as you're about to finish your attack animation).

Another thing is that the enemies all have weapons that are just a bit longer than your sword. Which means you have to be within their attack range to hurt them and that means you must parry.

You also get stunned when you get hit but the enemies do not. You like never get a chance to do a double attack hit.

Also, to be honest, the dash ability pretty much doesn't make the game easier at all lol. It's like only useful in the first level where the guy charges you. Once you parry his charge, I guess you could use the dash to catch up to him since he almost always overshoots past you and he'll keep charging till you get close enough.

You've made an extremely hard game - harder than Sekiro lol. Your timing must be very on point and there's practically no "free" hits on the enemies. But with enough patience and practice, people can get through. And those who do, are rewarded with a sense of achievement on this difficult game.


If you want to make it easier (like an easier mode or something), add in attack cooldown on enemies so on certain attacks or something so you can get in free hits. 

Another is to add enemy stun.


As for suggestions to the actual game and not difficulty, you could add a health bar for the boss so we can see how much more we need to fight before he dies.


But yeah, awesome game! Good job!

BIG thanks for playing the game. :D

Actually there are stun state for all three bosses. If you successfully parry some special attacks, that boss will go to a tired state for 3 sec. (Check the gif below) You can try it in your second run.

About the attack range of bosses, it was made longer than players attack range intentionally. That means player need to keep the distance in a close range but not too close to get hit by the boss and you can get in and attack once there is room for attack. 

You can do double attack hit for free in every bosses.

Also, there are serval ways for beating the first boss. You can either hit and run but keeping a close range so the boss dont charge at you or you could dash backward and parry while the boss is charging, then the boss will end his charge attack behind you and you can get few free attacks. Or just like you said parry and then dash to the boss and attack, dash away.

You can pretty much win the game with no damage.

Definitely going to add attack cooldown or more trigger to the stun state.

Health bar will be updated later. Update is not allowed now cuz the jam is still rating the submissions


Really appreciated for your  looooong feedback. Sure will make some adjustment to the game with your advices.

It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

I couldnt even beat the first level lol. cool game tho

you can try level 3, its much easier!!Only hav minions. THX for playing!!!



It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome updated


goodbye samuray))



It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

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I suck I couldn't beat the enemy but it was fun

You can try level 3, its easier :D Did you use the Dash button ( space bar)?

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yes I used the space bar

Ohhhh anyway, appreciate you trying out my game


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the goal of a game jam is also to play other people's video games, it can give us ideas and it allows us to see what the person has created

It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out

Great game, very satisfying once you figured out the parry mechanic. I didn't play to Sekiro, but I want to now. You could really turn your game into more. The third level feel a bit easy compared to the other. Congrats for the work nevertheless :D

I really appreciate your feedback. I am thinking a new level where you need to kill minions before the boss fight. ( level 3 is actually a minion but not a boss like level 1 2)  Big THX again !!!

I though once I defeated the first person in the level 1, that It will be just a minion. Hopefully it was a boss like x). Yeah, It could be a great idea to have longer levels with multiple enemy encounters.

It's so cool to see good games developped with Godot by the way !


HaHa, a longer level version will surely be updated later. :D

I just picked up Godot 3weeks ago. Simple and easy to use!! definitely recommend it.

It is now updated with a  new boss in level 5!, Check it out